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New Jersey Family Law and Divorce Lawyer


Terry Lyons is a Certified Matrimonial Attorney from the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Download our free appTerry graduated from Rutgers School of Law with High Honors. She also has a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Ms. Lyons enjoyed a judicial clerkship with The Honorable Peter G. Verniero, a now-retired Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, New Jersey’s highest state court. Ms. Lyons has authored and published numerous articles on a wide variety of topics like family law, the admissibility of expert testimony in federal courts, and free speech on the Internet. She also is author of the book Sticks and Stones, Life Lessons from a Lawyer. Ms. Lyons was featured in over 250 news media outlets across the globe. Recently, Ms. Lyons weighed in on the Ashley Madison scandal. Read her post here.

In addition to practicing matrimonial law and being a founding member of the firm, Ms. Lyons served as a part-time lecturer at Rutgers University in the Graduate School of Social Work in New Brunswick where she has taught, “Law and Social Work,” a course dedicated to informing social work students about the law, including the parameters of client confidentialities, how to respond to subpoenas, and how to testify in court. In her personal life, Ms. Lyons is a foster and adoptive parent to New Jersey’s abused and neglected children, and she has ongoing contact with the courts and the Division of Youth and Family Services in that regard.

Ms. Lyons is admitted to practice in New Jersey State Court, New Jersey Federal Court, and recently was admitted to practice at the United States Supreme Court in April 2012.

Theresa is also proud and humbled to announce her recent appointment to the Board of Trustees for WINGS for Growth. Ms. Lyons was previously on the Board of Trustees for SAFE in Hunterdon.

Recently, Ms. Lyons was honored by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys as one of the “top 10 best female attorneys”. This distinction is given to select attorneys being recognized for their unparalleled success toward helping their clients. Ms. Lyons also weighed in on the Ashley Madison scandal that made national headlines in 2015. View the article here.

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