New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Divorce Rates By Job

Does the type of job you have make it more likely that you will end up divorced?  Well, according to a study at Radford University, that might be the case.

The study found that some professions do in fact have a higher rate of divorce than others.  And although some critics of the study have complained that it does not take into account all types of divorces, the preliminary findings are interesting.   The study found that these 15 professions have the highest rates of divorce:

Profession                                       Divorce Rate  

Dancer/Choreography                                 43.05%

Bartender                                                   38.43%

Massage Therapist                                       38.22%

Gaming Cage Worker                                   34.66%

Extruding Machine Operator                          32.74%

Gaming Service Worker                                31.35%

Factory Worker:  Food & Tobacco                   29.78%

Telephone Operator                                      29.30%

Nursing, Psychiatric, Health Aid                      28.95%

Entertainer/Athlete                                       28.49%

Baggage Porter, Concierge                            28.49%

Telemarketer                                               28.10%

Waiter/Waitress                                            27.12%

Roofer                                                         26.85%

Maid/Housekeeper                                        26.38%

More information about the study can be found at

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Written By:  Theresa A. Lyons