New Jersey Divorce Lawyer: How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Many people want to know how much it may cost to get divorced, and when making that determination, there are three areas of costs that should be considered:  the financial costs, the time costs, and the emotional costs.   Each of these costs should be weighed and considered when deciding whether and how you want your divorce to go.

Financial Costs:   A reputable lawyer that specializes in family law in the State of New Jersey will generally charge an hourly rate of somewhere between  $200-$500 per hour.  Beware of those lawyers who charge more or less than that.  Chances are that if a lawyer is charging you under $200 per hour, he or she may not be as qualified as other family law attorneys, and if a lawyer is charging you over $500 per hour, you likely are paying too much.  In addition to having to pay the lawyer’s hourly rate, you also likely are going to have to pay for things like filing fees at the court, courier and copying charges, and other types of incidental expenses relating to your case.  Some law firms also charge an hourly rate for paralegals or legal assistants.   Make sure when speaking with your lawyer that you ask in advance about all of the potential financial costs you may face.  You also should discuss with your attorney the potential costs relating to alimony, child support, and other assets as well.

Time Costs:    How much is your personal time worth?   If your divorce takes a year or longer, how might that impact your life, your job, and your ability to move forward?  What issues are you willing to spend your time on in order to “win,” and what issues are not worth fighting for in order to save you time?   These and other questions are important ones for you to consider.

Emotional Costs:   These are the hardest to measure, but often the most important.  How might the feelings of you, your spouse, your children, and other important people be affected not just by the fact that you are getting a divorce, but by the manner in which your divorce occurs?   There is no right answer when examining emotional issues.   Sometimes it is better to try to avoid or delay emotional pain, and sometimes it is better to experience some short term emotional pain in the hopes of coming out better on the other side.   Only you can know what is right for you and your family.

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Written by:  Theresa A. Lyons, Esq.