Divorce, Retirement Assets and Your Rights Under New Jersey Law

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If you or your spouse have a retirement account and are facing divorce, you may have heard the term “QDRO” (pronounced quad-row) or “qualified domestic relations order” when discussing divorce with friends or family. Your divorce will likely involve a QDRO so it is important to understand the term.

QDROs are legal orders that divide retirement plans, pension plans and other plans subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security (ERISA), which is the federal law governing private sector pensions. QDROs do not affect mutual funds, bank accounts, IRAs, state and municipal retirement plans and other accounts not subject subject to ERISA.

If you or your spouse has a retirement plan subject to ERISA, it is advisable to obtain legal assistance in protecting your property rights. Even if your divorce will likely be amicable, an experienced New Jersey QDRO attorney can determine your specific property rights and work to ensure your right so fund assets are protected and so you get your proper share of the retirement asset.

The divorce lawyers of Lyons & Associates have assisted thousands of families during divorce and can provide the QDRO-related legal representation you need.

Dividing retirement assets through a QDRO often involves negotiation, and the negotiation will be conducted based on the entirety of marital assets, the length of the marriage, how long a spouse has worked, and other factors. We can meet with you, gather information, build a strongest-possible case by which to claim your share of retirement assets, then represent you in discussions, negotiations, mediation or litigation. Our representation has resulted in the retention of high-value retirement account assets in numerous cases.

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