16 Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

If you are interviewing divorce lawyers, your impressions of the attorney’s personality are just as important as the answers to these questions.  In some ways, selecting a divorce attorney is similar to selecting a general practitioner doctor for yourself or your child: the person’s qualifications are very important, but it’s equally important that you feel able to communicate freely and openly, and that you feel respected.  These are some of the questions you should ask when interviewing a lawyer to determine your comfort level and how your relationship with the attorney will work:

  1. How much do you charge?  Do you charge a different rate for courtroom time?  If you charge a flat fee, exactly what work does that cover and what are some tasks that might cost me extra?
  2. In what kinds of divorce cases do you think mediation is appropriate? When is it not appropriate?
  3. Will you handle my case yourself?  Who else will work on any parts of it?
  4. What do you know about my spouse’s lawyer?
  5. Do you have an office policy about returning phone calls and emails within a certain time period?
  6. How important are my children during this process?  What can we do to protect them?
  7. What would a dissatisfied client say about you?
  8. What would a satisfied client say about you?
  9. Do you have references?
  10. Have you or another lawyer in your firm every gone to trial on a divorce or other family law case?
  11. Have you ever appealed a family law case?
  12. Will you send me copies of all documents and letters and court papers relating to my case?
  13. How many divorce cases have you handled?  How many of those settled out of court?
  14. Do you know my spouse?
  15. What are your personal feelings and professional observations about spousal support?  About joint custody versus sole custody?
  16. May I see an example of the bills you send to clients?

By exploring these issues with an attorney during your initial consultation, it will give you a much better understanding as to what you can expect from your attorney-client relationship.

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