New Jersey Divorce Lawyers: Vegas Style Wedding Here in NJ??

Everyone knows you can get married instantaneously in Las Vegas, but what is the wait time to get married here in New Jersey, and what should you do if you realize that you probably took the leap too soon?

The wait time for a New Jersey marriage license is 72 hours. As such, it takes three days from the date you apply for the license until the date you can get married. (There are some exceptions to that waiting period, but they require you to make a special petition to a Superior Court Judge.)

This past summer, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have eliminated the three-day waiting period for marriage licenses in New Jersey. The bill’s sponsors thought it would have given Atlantic City a boost as a wedding destination similar to Las Vegas. Christie, when vetoing the bill, said couples should exercise careful deliberation and use thoughtful consideration before entering into a marriage that is expected to last a lifetime. Christie says the bill would have facilitated “hasty marriages.”

Even with the waiting period, many couples decide that their marriage was a huge mistake. Under New Jersey law, couples may file for a no-fault divorce if there is no blame placed on either party of the marriage. The benefit is that you do not need any proof or support that one spouse was responsible for the marriage ending. No-fault divorces can be based on irreconcilable differences or separation.

Also, the shorter the marriage, the more likely that you can get divorced cheaper and cleaner than if you instead have a longer marriage.

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