New York Brothers Up to No Good in NJ Divorce Case

The brothers, 34-year-old Avrohom Goldstein and his 31-year-old brother Moshe, were not leading anyone to the Promised Land with their capers. Rather, they were heading down the road to extortion, to which both pleaded guilty. It’s not often that you hear of a man being forced into divorcing his wife through threats of violence. And yet, in a Trenton, NJ, courtroom, two Brooklyn brothers have confessed to attempting to force a Jewish man into giving his wife a religious divorce by threatening him with violence.

Evidently, the two have done such a thing before, because they admitted to having assaulted a Brooklyn man in an effort to extract a divorce in 2011. They each face a maximum of 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines, upon sentencing this month.

Another troubling fact of this case is that knowledge of these men came about because of an undercover sting operation. The sting involved an FBI agent communicating with two rabbis, likely in the same religious sect as the two brothers, seeking help in getting a divorce, which is known as a “get.” The rabbis could also go on trial.

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