Mistakes to Avoid in a High Asset Divorce

Somerville Divorce Lawyers offer advice on mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce.Every divorce has its challenges. Whether emotional, physical, or financial, divorce can be a difficult transition. When the economic stakes are high, divorce can be even more complicated. There are a few ways to protect your interests and your sanity while keeping your high asset divorce as painless as possible.

Be patient

You might want to be divorced yesterday, but slow down before you agree to any terms because you are in a hurry to be rid of your spouse. Maybe your divorce is a long time coming, or maybe you are ready to move on with a new significant other. As tempting as it may be to agree to your ex’s terms right off the bat, your divorce lawyer needs sufficient time to conduct a thorough analysis and negotiate alimony, division of assets, and other terms in your best interest. Signing an agreement too soon can have negative financial consequences for years to come.

Do not be fueled by anger

Many spouses want their soon-to-be ex to pay at any cost, but the money you are spending to make your soon-to-be ex pay is yours as well. Anger and revenge can easily cloud your decisions, which can be dangerous in high asset divorces. Take time to focus on your emotional and physical well-being, while your legal team works to make sound financial and legal decisions for you and your future.

Maintain credibility

Trying to outsmart your spouse and their lawyer by hiding and/or transferring assets or property will only hurt your credibility with the Court.  Moreover, fraudulent behavior on your part could jeopardize your position throughout the divorce process. At Lyons & Associates, we will ensure you provide all of the necessary financial documents required by law while remaining protected and your credibility intact.

Investigate everything

Especially in high asset divorces, financials can be complex. If one spouse was primarily responsible for managing the money throughout the marriage, the other may be in the dark about where the money is. A competent divorce lawyer will investigate every avenue to find every asset and source of income a partner may be trying to hide.

 Consult the right lawyer

Your biggest asset in a high-stakes divorce is your legal counsel. Negotiating a high asset divorce is a daunting process, especially when you are also dealing with the stress and sadness that comes with the end of a marriage.  Our legal team will offer an educated and experienced perspective that is not clouded by emotion. Find a lawyer that takes the time to not only listen to you, but also takes the time to explain every step of the process with you. With the guidance of a skilled divorce lawyer, you can begin this new phase of your life with financial security.

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