Somerville Child Support Lawyers: Parents Who Fail to Pay Child Support—Is Everyone a Deadbeat?

The term “Deadbeat Dad” has been around for a while, a negative description of non-custodial fathers who fail to pay child support to their ex-spouses. However, as more and more women have been ordered to pay support, and some have failed to do so, the term has evolved to “deadbeat parents.” The description “Deadbeat” has actually been incorporated into the language of some state statutes. Accordingly, the public perception has come to identify any non-custodial parent who is behind on child support as a “Deadbeat.”

Common Myths about Parents Who Cannot Pay Child Support

  • There’s no reason why you should ever fall behind — Contrary to popular belief, it’s far easier to fall behind than you think. Often, at the inception of a divorce, it can take a period of time before the child support order is signed by the judge. However, child support is retroactive to the date the divorce action was filed. By the time you get notice of the child support order, you may already owe for a couple months.Another consideration—money is often the principal cause or a primary factor in a divorce. Often, the loss of a job by a non-custodial parent leads directly to a divorce complaint. So a non-custodial parent may be ordered to pay support, but be without a job or be working for far less income than during the marriage.
  • Parents who cannot pay don’t care about their children — This equates love with money. Most non-custodial parents deeply love their children, but some are in circumstances that make it difficult to pay for food, shelter and clothing. Most delinquent non-custodial parents are not living a life of financial comfort, but are struggling with the basics of existence. But for those who do have the means and simply refuse to pay, there are remedies a Court can impose.

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