New Jersey Child Support Lawyers: Chris Christie Signs Bill to Terminate Child Support at Age 19

New Jersey – Governor Chris Christie Signs Into Law a Bill That Establishes When Child Support Ends

On January 19, 2016, the Governor signed A3136 into law, which now provides that a child will be automatically emancipated upon reaching the age of 19 unless the custodial parent moves to act. Up to this point, a child was not automatically emancipated upon reaching the age of majority, provided, for example, that the child had gone straight through to a full-time college program after graduating from high school.

The new Bill, effective February 1, 2017, applies to all child support orders and would automatically terminate child support for a child upon this child reaching the age of 19 unless the custodial parent brings an application to actively prove that child was still in high school, attending full-time college, vocational or graduate school, is disabled or by other agreement of the parties. If your Judgment of Divorce provides that child support is to continue beyond a child’s 19th birthday, for example, if they are in college, you will receive a Final Notice of Child Support Termination 90 days before the child’s birthday (or other such agreed upon date in the JOD) informing you that child support will end. It is important that you do not ignore that notice.

We highly recommend that you speak with your matrimonial attorney if you have any concerns about the implication of this Bill.

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