Does Domestic Violence Increase in Summer Months?

Bridgewater domestic violence lawyers help victims with their cases.Advocates for victims of domestic violence have noticed a seasonal trend that domestic abuse increases during the summer months. Certain factors being attributed to the uptick have to do with common seasonal aggravations. Summer’s high temperatures cause physical discomfort that may contribute to unprovoked irritation. Unfortunately, an abuser may take those frustrations out on their significant other or another family member. The following factors also play a role in the increase of domestic violence in the summer months.


Sometimes, having children around has been blamed for causing tension that results in a domestic violence situation. When schools are on summer break, children are home for longer stretches, which can test the patience of adults charged with their care. Often, one adult may blame another for the natural restlessness or attention-seeking behaviors of their children, sparking a conflict.


Picnics, barbeques, and other outdoor social events are a huge part of summer. Alcohol is often part of those gatherings. In an abusive household, alcohol can fuel a fight that turns violent.

Teen Dating Violence

Teenagers have more free time in the summer. When school is not in session, teens often spend more time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Therefore, a teenager in a romantic relationship with an abusive partner logically becomes more at risk of violence in the summer months.

Domestic violence is usually associated with partners who live together. It also applies to the abuse of a child, elderly parent, or another person within the household. It may stretch the definition a bit to associate it with dating violence, but there is a considerable connection. Abusers often begin lifelong abusive habits during these youthful relationships. Abusive teens can be modeling the behavior they witnessed within their own homes. Teenage years house the perfect time to stop the cycle of abuse.

Summer is Not an Excuse

Although there are reasonable explanations for why the incidence of domestic violence increases in summer, victims’ advocates are quick to point out that the mere mention of contributing factors provides a measure of cover to an abuser who may benefit from such a handy justification. The abuser’s need to control his/her victim is the real issue that causes the violence. Supposed reasons only serve to detract from the permeating dysfunction of the abuser’s tendency to take out frustration on any victim.

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