Sticks and Stones – Life Lessons From a Lawyer

 Written by Theresa A. Lyons

Sticks and Stones Life Lessons from a Lawyer

“What does a lawyer know about life?   On most days, not much.”   So starts the book Sticks and Stones, Life Lessons From a Lawyer as written by Theresa A. Lyons.  The book will be available to the general public on a national scale starting March 2, 2015.

Easy to read, with some tongue in cheek, Sticks and Stones takes various legal stories and pairs them with everyday life lessons that cause the reader to laugh and cry and think and feel.  You will never look at the law, or life for that matter, the same way again.  You will be left with a sense that among the joys and triumphs and trials and sorrows, there is much we can learn from the law, and much that the law can learn from us.

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