New Jersey Divorce Law Firm’s Attorney Spotlight on Chris Ann Wright

Lyons & Associates, P.C. makes a promise to all our clients that they are our first priority.  Each client enters into a relationship with us with the feeling and certainty that they are our most important client, and we offer personalized and knowledgeable service to prove it.  We provide the necessary elements for winning your case to the best of your satisfaction including offering the services of attorneys who care about you, such as Attorney Chris Ann Wright.  For this Attorney Spotlight blog, we focus on Chris Ann Wright who supports her clients and advises them on navigating the challenging waters of varied practice areas in her field of experience.

Although Chris Ann Wright is a relatively new attorney to the firm, her years of experience in Family Law and Business as well as her extensive education make her a prized member of the team. She graduated from the School of Business at Rutgers University where she became certified in Divorce Mediation and then earned her law degree at Widener University.  Clerking in Hudson County after law school developed her knowledge regarding divorce motions, Division of Youth and Family Service hearings, and custody dispute mediation while assisting the judge.  This contributed to her growing interest in the practice areas of Family, Divorce and Separation, Child Custody and Child Support and developed her compassion in assisting those involved in difficult family situations where the answers are never simple and many times heartbreaking.

Before joining Lyons & Associates, P.C., she taught Family Law, Business Law and Contract Law as an Adjunct Professor at Berkeley College while practicing divorce law as a solo. During this time, she volunteered as the past President of the Scotch Plains Junior Woman’s Club and she remains a current member of the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association which demonstrates her leadership skills and commitment to others.  This led Chris Ann to adjust her focus toward her current duties as an attorney focusing on Residential Real Estate Law, especially regarding short sale negotiations.  With her background in mediating tough familial issues, she will offer a helping hand when families must make hard decisions.

Chris Ann also serves as a member of the Juvenile Conference Committee, a board of citizens that help adjudicate and give guidance to minor juvenile offenders in the hopes of putting kids back on the right track.

Finally, Chris Ann also has specific insights into religious divorce issues, such as annulments, Gets and dowries, having written about and handled such issues within the Courts.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Chris Ann Wright or any of our other knowledgeable and compassionate New Jersey family lawyers, contact us online or call 908-575-9777.