Child Support Loophole for Gig Economy Workers

Mendham child support lawyers can assist clients in child support issues especially when a parent tries to evade support obligations by finding a loophole such as working a gig economy.

Withholding income is the most common method of collecting child support payments following a divorce. To avoid paying child support, individuals may attempt to hide their income. For workers in the gig economy, whereby companies contract with independent workers for short term and temporary positions, it may be much easier to evade child support obligations.

Gig economy workers can include Lyft drivers, Uber drivers, Airbnb renters, Grubhub drivers, couriers, or contract positions. According to an American University study, 2.5 million adults in the United States work in the on-demand platform economy each month. A separate Harvard and Princeton study found that freelance or contract workers consist of 10 percent of the United States workforce.

Companies Fail to Report

Child support agencies are finding that for certain gig economy workers, this type of employment has created the perfect way to evade their child support obligations. Court ordered child support payments resulting from divorce proceedings are meant to ensure that both parents pay for the basic needs of their children, including their housing, food, and clothing. While hiding income to avoid a child support payment is not a new problem, the gig economy has created an easy environment to mask income given the lack of permanency of gig jobs, which often last just weeks or days.

Many companies who hire gig workers may not necessarily comply with state reporting requirements that are designed to assist child support agencies in collecting payments. Most state laws require employers to report new hires to the state’s child support database for their hired full time or part time employees, not gig workers or other types of independent contractors. States like Texas and California require companies to report contactors to their respective child support databases.

Child Support Tracking System Needed

Lawmakers continue to struggle with ways to effectively track parent income.  There is approximately $114 billion in unpaid child support nationwide, and that amount is growing each year. As almost 70 percent of child support payments are collected by garnishing paychecks, child support officials are struggling to find new ways to track down the income earned by gig workers. Attorneys hired by parents are using alternative means of determining parent income, including examining tax returns, bank account cash flow, and purchase histories. Clues about parent income from social media sites including Facebook and Instagram is another tool used to determine hidden income sources.

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