Child Custody and Spring Break

Bridgewater child custody lawyers help settle spring break child custody issues.As the warmer months approach, students start thinking about spring break. This vacation from school work is a welcome respite for kids and teens, but it can present some challenges for divorced parents that share custody.

Since this time-off is arranged by educational institutions at the start of each school year, parents and caregivers should take the time to plan out a custody arrangement that works best for everyone in advance.

Making Decisions

The first step is to determine a complete holiday plan for the year. This may require some negotiation, and involving the kids can be a good idea. There are different options, and these can depend on the length of the break or holiday.

If there are a lot of snow days the time off may be shortened, so splitting the days between the parents may not work. Alternating school breaks between the parents year by year is an option. Otherwise, one parent can have them during this break and the other could have an additional week with them in the summer.

Of course, many divorced parents are not able to successfully negotiate school break custody time. Holidays, vacations, work, and other factors can affect the arrangements and lead to arguments. In these cases, contacting a Bridgewater child custody lawyer can be the right decision.

Vacations During Holiday Breaks

Many divorced parents choose to take the children out of town during school parents should notify each other when they are leaving New Jersey with the children. If one parent feels that the children are being placed in danger during this time, though, he or she will attempt to withhold consent or file a motion with the Court.

Examples of this could be if the child was physically ill, seemed emotionally unbalanced, or if the vacation destination seemed unsafe. However, the parent would need to demonstrate to the court that not traveling or knowing the kids’ location is in the children’s best interest.

Parental Liability

Parents that have custody during spring break or at other times may be liable if their children under 18 carry out criminal or negligent actions. If it is proven that negligent supervision contributed to these acts, that parents could be financially responsible for certain types of property damage.

Cases for parental criminal responsibility can also be made if the children possess firearms, hack computers, or commit other criminal acts. The parent that has custody when the incident occurs may be responsible.

This responsibility also extends to when children are out with their friends while on vacation. Setting guidelines and sticking to them is important, especially since they may be in an unfamiliar environment.

Also, if the children are of driving age and the parent lends them their car, that parent may be held accountable if there is an accident while that child is driving.

Bridgewater Child Custody Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Help Settle Spring Break Child Custody Issues

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