Morristown Family Law Lawyers

We are on Your Side When You Need Guidance and Advocacy in All Areas of Family Law

The first order of business when dealing with a family law or divorce matter is protecting yourself and your family. We understand how important it is to safeguard the lifestyle you have worked hard to build.

We know that dealing with a family law matter can be emotionally draining, and the legal aspects can be complicated and confusing. The accomplished Morristown family law lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. concentrate exclusively on family law.

We understand all aspects of family law and divorce, and we work tirelessly to protect your rights and the rights of your family. We know you will have questions and concerns, and because your case is unique, everyone on our team will work to provide you with very personal service.

We offer a full range of family law services, including:

Divorce Mediation and Litigation. In New Jersey, considering mediation is a necessary first step of the divorce process. If mediation does not produce the desired result, litigation is your next step. Whichever path is right for you, we can guide you through the process successfully – always with you and your family’s well-being in mind.

Post-Divorce Modifications. We can handle all matters post-divorce, including child custody and support modifications, move-away issues, real estate issues, and the termination of support.

Child Support and Custody. We can help you to work out fair agreements on child custody, parenting time, support obligations, and visitation issues, as well as modifications to child custody and child support agreements after a divorce.

Alimony and Spousal Support. We can help you to assess alimony and support based on earning capacity and income.

Alimony Termination. We can help you to terminate alimony in cases that involve cohabitation, or changes in circumstances for men and women.

Equitable Distribution. We offer a wealth of wisdom and guidance on the division of marital property, including marital assets and debts, property classification, and valuation matters.

High Asset Divorce. We know that the stakes are high, and we understand all aspects of high asset divorce, including complex matters such as the division of retirement assets, inheritances, partnerships, antiques, art, and more.

Religious Divorce. We know how important your faith is to you, and we ensure respect throughout the process of divorce.

Father’s Rights. We will aggressively work to ensure a father’s rights, including those that involve child custody and support matters.

Mother’s Rights. We will zealously protect your rights as a mother on all matters, including child support and child custody.

Grandparents’ Rights. You have a right to be a part of your grandchildren’s lives, and we can help. We can also guide you in child custody matters.

Adoption. We understand the joy of adoption, and we can make your adoption experience as safe and thorough as possible. We handle all types of adoption cases, including domestic, DCPP , stepparent, grandparent, second parent, and domestic re-adoptions of internally adopted children.

Same-Sex Couples Litigation. We offer full service on custody and marriage registration matters, divorces or dissolutions of same-sex marriages, domestic partnerships, and more.

Appeals. We offer creative reasoning and out-of-the box thinking when appealing a trial court’s decision. Our experience in family law with the appellate process and the New Jersey Supreme Court can help you significantly when you appeal.

We Are New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys

Did you know that out of 75,000 active attorneys in New Jersey, only 1,650 are certified? A certified attorney with vast knowledge of matrimonial law should always be your first choice. We offer that distinction.

A certification conveys public, transparent knowledge about the competence and experience an attorney possess. This Supreme Court certification ensures that you can expect the highest standards of care from an attorney that has mastered this practice area.

We understand the Courts: Every single one of our lawyers enjoyed a judicial clerkship with a Superior Court Judge, affording us particular insight into how Judges think, act, and decide cases.

We are cutting edge:  As the inventors of New Jersey’s first ever free divorce app {insert link}, we combined emotional compassion with technological prowess.

Morristown Family Law Lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. Offer the Highest Standards of Legal Care in All Family Law Matters

Going through the emotional challenges of a divorce or other family law matters can make it seem like your life is spinning out of control. The stress and anxiety you may experience can make it difficult to make important decisions. Our New Jersey Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys can help to guide you through this complex process, providing you with the peace of mind, confidence, and sense of security you need to work through the experience. Please contact the Morristown family law lawyers at Lyons & Associates, P.C. at 908-575-9777 to schedule a private consultation, or contact us online.

Our offices are centrally located in Somerville, New Jersey, Morristown, New Jersey and we serve clients throughout the state, including, but not limited to, those residing in BedminsterParsippany, Rockaway, Short Hills, Chatham, Randolph, Madison, Morris PlainsBridgewater, Woodbridge, Basking RidgeMendhamMorristownSouth Plainfield, Somerset, across Somerset County, Morris County, Union County, and throughout New Jersey.

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